Pauline was driving back home after work. Fatigued and tired it was difficult for her to sit behind the wheel and endure possibly another fifteen minutes on the road. She slowed down on seeing the approaching red signal. Adjusting the rear view mirror she was pained to see the person reflecting back. It was her childhood friend who lived on the same street as her sitting at the passenger side. A flood of memories tumbled down as she took into account how the congenial company they once shared couldn’t withstand the turbulent times ahead. The attempts made in the reconciliation phase turned in vain as they became more hostile. As she began doing a mental countdown waiting for the light to change she resolved to never let the building animosity consume herself. The signal switched colors and she cast one final glance in her direction but instead stumbled upon a satirizing line taking a swift jibe all along,

“Objects in mirror are closer than they appear “.


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