Each one of us has certain key beliefs or values which form an integral part of our being.

They define the spirit of Homo sapiens along with uniting their varied personas and diverse backgrounds into one fine intangible thread of ethics.

One of them being Gratitude.

I vividly remember how I learnt the essence of the words, “Thank You”. This simple phrase has quite a little story behind me learning and valuing it.

There was one simple yet beautiful black polished frame that adorned the showcase of my grandparents’ house. Perched on the center of other showpieces this one always seemed to intrigue me the most. The following words were overlaid on black background with a bright hue of silver

Thanks is just a little word

No bigger than a minute

But there’s a world of meaning

and appreciation in it.

There were times, probably, when I was in my primary grade when I would be able to read only one-fourth of this short sentence. Later, it was an entirely different struggle to even read the word appreciation, let alone speak it in its entirety. Now, I laugh at myself recollecting my amusing ordeals trying to utter the word appreciation.

I have acquired the essence of gratitude through this frame. Being able to reciprocate kindness and thankfulness via these words is one of the foremost ways in which we can convey our regards and honor. Acknowledging others for whatever little ways in which they contribute and build our lives is emblematic of possessing gratitude in its utmost spirit.

A sincere, kind and truthful gesture of saying thank you serves as a catalyst in setting up a perpetual cycle of spreading kindness. It is the quintessential symbol of showing and upholding the ideals of gratitude. The person on the receiving end of appreciation will honor the feeling and is more likely to spread it to the society around him.

It all kick-starts from ourselves.

Indeed, thank you is just a little word, a little token of appreciation but this gesture has a world of meaning all wrapped around it.

So the next time you witness somebody doing a selfless thing for you,pause and stop to take a moment to thank  and acknowledge the service rendered by this wonderful fellow.It goes a long way!


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