Traveling with smiles


The warm and dazzling rays of the sun penetrated through the double glazed windows into his room. He woke up with a damp cloth above his head and a thermometer by his bedside. The fever had subsided from the previous night but the unceasing pain in his arms and legs was still there. He did his morning routine and headed out for the day for his job.

Upon arriving at the pickup store, he collected the schedule for the day along with numerous corrugated packages. He scrutinized the day’s timetable and mentally prepared the road-map and the route he would have to follow. Traveling had always been something he enjoyed so much. To reap the countless beauties of it along with doing his part-time job gave him the utmost pleasure.

Wandering into places never been before coupled up with the beaming smiles the people would give him when he reached their doorsteps was totally priceless for him. He had been doing this for months and had gained a rich perspective into the diverse human nature. There were times when the recipient never responded to his doorbell even though he was fully aware that the person was indeed inside and sometimes he was even reprimanded for something which was not his fault. It disheartened him to be at the receiving end of such false accusations.

And then there were times when people would really be courteous, kind and respectful of the work he did. The best part was seeing the children reacting to his presence; they would be so enthusiastic to see their orders come that they would start jumping around with unbridled joy. With these thoughts in mind, he kept on pushing himself despite his body telling him otherwise. He respected the job he did and continued to push himself for the things he loved, traveling and delivering smiles.

He knocked on the door for his last delivery for the day with the package in his hand and greeted the man with a warm smile. The package was quite heavy and he expected something quite brittle in it. He had taken utmost care to not let the package be harmed in any way during his trips. The man replied in a strident voice that he had not placed any such order and told him to go away. He tried to politely reason out to him that he even received a call from a lady earlier today who told him to deliver her order at the earliest that day itself.

His attempts to convince him were futile and soon enough he had to again make a trip back to the store for the third packet which had  not been delivered. “Sometimes,I think” he pondered,”how beautiful it could be if everyone reciprocated respect and valued every job.Now I have to go back with a disheartened mood and an equally shooting pain throughout my body.”


9 thoughts on “The Wanderer, Delivering Smiles

  1. Hi there, thought I should pop on over and check out your own work. Many thanks for the follow on my humble patch and glad that you found it stimulating. In this story I thought he was going to drop the box due to a debilitating illness. Had me. Out of interest where are you from? A short about section would be useful (for me anyway). Have a great week, MM 🍀

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time and stopping by!I appreciate it so much.Yeah,that too would have been another way of directing the story.I guess,I just did not want to put it that way for the honorable service these people do for us.Going around and bringing our orders at our very doorstep so that we can enjoy online shopping from the comfort of our homes.I am from India.I will have one soon!Thank you so much again.Looking forward to more of your splendid photography coupled up with insightful takes on them!


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