I was feeling unusually adventurous earlier today. The sheer monotony and dullness of the day were perhaps not able to belittle my excitement of venturing out and doing something exciting.

So off I went and landed up at my starting spot on a subway with my colorful spray paints. Even the repercussions of my mindless vandalism act couldn’t deter me from painting the nearby train with my artistic tools.

I was painting haphazardly in all random directions over the letters and creating my own too.  Just as I was about to reach the top and draw my favorite caricature a tap was made and a policeman started chasing me with his faithful canine.

Well, I am not going to surrender to him without putting up a fierce fight. So let the chase begin.

I charged on the railway track with enormous speed and not far behind me was the angry cop catching up to me and waving off his stick. Sprinting through the three tracks laid out, I made a calculated and a precise jump onto another track whenever I encountered a train coming up from the opposite direction and even when there were barriers set up on my escapade. I vaulted over the hurdles which were of relatively enormous height opposed to my short build.

The anticipation of increasing my count of the numerous boosters, jet-packs and gold coins kept me leaping over. The super sneakers made me dodge barriers with super ease.Many times a collision with a nearby stationary train was nearly averted.

Our Tom and Jerry chasing streak continued on and I was experiencing so much thrill running, jumping, leaping and sprinting past the trains. This action and thrill-packed adventure was put to an abrupt end when I made a right turn and stumbled upon a boulder at just the wrong time. The cop then got the perfect opportunity to handcuff me.

My futile attempt to satisfy the quench for running made me press the Play option.

Once again, off I ran to play my favorite game Subway Surfers!


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