The room was small, windowless and had been unoccupied. It was fairly spartan. The lack of any source of light rendered the visibility to point zero. A small ivory-white candle flickered on the table and instantly engulfed the room with its bright golden-yellow hue. The shimmering light and the void aura of the room began forming hazy images of a childhood long gone by. The sweet and appetizing aroma of the lunchbox had now diffused. The hilarious caricatures drawn in the art file with sharpened pencils and an array of colors had now discolored. The gaping wound and deep scar formed by tripping from the roller skates had now vanished. The nightmares which overpowered sleep had now disappeared into nonexistence. The sheer anticipation of moving upwards on a seesaw had now dwindled. The candlelight faded away from a swift and gentle breeze yet the torrent of memories it ignited never cease to illuminate the nights ahead.



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