3d head and open door
Capturing the literal meaning!

A first look at someone opens up the analytical section of our brain. We tend to micro-analyze the person and try to predetermine the person’s traits or demeanor and start evaluating him. And let me restate that this is done perhaps just by casting a look at the person. One has barely spent a minute with the person yet the vicious cycle of judgment commences much prior to that. This often leads to building up of false notions about the person under scanner with no to limited reason.

Appearances are deceptive. They just create an illusion of the person and are often far from the truth.

At this point, I would like to share with you a real incident when I broke free from the false assumption which was floating around right when I entered my college. I developed really good friendships with my fellow peers. But it felt amazing to get liberated from one notion that was formed somewhere due to my extreme polite and calm demeanor.

One day my math’s teacher instructed me to take attendance. I started calling out the roll numbers, each in a sequential order, speaking each name loudly in my shrill voice and more of in an energized and commanding way. When the class was finished I was amazed to hear that this mundane task brought me so many good reviews from my classmates. They all appreciated my speaking skills.

Soon I realized what I had done. I had broken free from the preconceived notion that my voice intensity was low and all the attributes which ring with this adjective.

As you read this, I urge you to take a moment and come to terms with the fact that it is never too late to break free from the notions which people around you carry about who or like what you are. What matters is a believing in yourself and overcoming these prejudices with grace and dignity.

Go let the world know the REAL you.

And to all the potential examiners, do not bracket out people without knowing the real them. By placing a person under scrutiny you are not only hampering out a great possible association but also negating and undermining an awesome personality.

Being Open-Minded is the key.


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