We all crave for something in our lives. These cravings are a result of our constant search to not only quench our desires or wishful longings but also to infuse a sense of joy and happiness within ourselves with their fulfillment.

We crave for all sorts of things ranging from chocolate rolls,various food items, constant attention, unwavering support from our peers and the list goes on and on.

On the other hand there are certain cravings or wishes which are often unrealistic and hypothetical in nature but nonetheless there is still a yearning and longing within our self to satiate them.

As I sit back sipping my hot chocolate milk and ponder about the things I crave for at this moment, I ask myself a few questions. What are the things that I powerfully want?  What are the things that I desire? I suddenly happen to realize that today is 4th August, indeed a very special day for the world.

Image result for president obama

Today is the birthday of President Barack Obama, a true visionary, a progressive politician, a beholder of a charismatic persona and above all a loving and caring people’s leader. Since his term in the Oval Office he has taken uncountable constructive and progressive steps to not only propel USA forward to the path of sustainable development and better economic conditions but also frame and implement laws to eradicate issues which are crippling the entire world.

It is the birthday of the 44th President of the United States of America as he turns 55 and next year he would embark upon an entirely new journey as he will be leaving the Oval Office.

I am distraught, heartbroken and brimmed with emotions along with uncountable other people, his supporters and admirers as we all pay farewell to him on January.

President Obama, you are a paragon of how a political leader must really be and strive hard to bring a difference to communities and one who supports measures on forming an inclusive government.

You have made this entire world a better place to live in.

I wish you could have stayed with all of us even longer.

I will miss you. We will miss you.



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